No Artxit … English version

Set the first step on a boundless journey… Come in and let Christine Palau’s paintings and Marie Celante’s photographs take you beyond the walls of your imagination.

Marie Celante Michka « Gustav »

Marie Celante Michka has elected the gallery De-ci De-là Together to display her photographs focusing in extreme close-up on ships’ hulls.

Her almost macrophotographic approach transforms the commonplace into artistic abstraction.

One could never guess that the effects of aging and marine fouling on hull paint initiated her creative process.

Born in Normandy, Marie Celante has never lost touch with the sea and excels in rewriting the stories told by distressed ships’ hulls.

Christine Palau Mékong

Christine Palau is the other artist featured in the « Complètement à l’Ouest » exhibition.

Christine Palau’s tools of the trade are painting knives and oils.

She works ‘out of the blue’, free from pre-existing representations or preparatory sketches.

She mixes, spreads, scratches, caresses the oils on the canvas. Incidentally she uses brushes to build up spontaneous compositions.

Though she restricts her range of colours to Payne’s grey, fir green, blues and ochres, her paintings evoke imaginary landscapes, as if seen through a kaleidoscope: urban skylines, seascapes, apocalyptic scenery, Rorschach test images: fantasy is also in the eye of the beholder.